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Daily Ground- – – February 14

Valentine’s Day is for romantics. Real love needs more than one day a year to last!

I once read that when you see a stranger across the room and you get dizzy and feel sick and you think that is love. . .it is really your body telling you to run!  Often those magnetic, intense first meetings are dangerous. Unfortunately  for you romantic types – the kind of relationships that usually last and grow are the ones often labeled “boring.” That’s right – two people meet, become friends, take things slow, realize there is something more, then decide to spend their life together.  That is the condensed version.

Fast forward 20 years – that’s difficult. Being together that long is difficult.   Not everyday, but somedays.  First of all – the person I met  20 years ago doesn’t exist anymore. Just like my 20 year ago self is completely gone (thank God)! So how can this commitment be anything but difficult. 

 On this Valentine’s Day, I don’t have any advice for those new romantic loves, but here are 3 things that can make your long term partnership more bearable: 1) don’t take things so personally, 2) let your partner “be,”  and 3) communicate, communicate, communicate.  No matter what the  problem may be, if you are committed to working on the relationship together, anything is possible. Happy Valentine’s Day or is it  Happy VD?




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