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Daily Ground – – – February 25

I appreciate teens, but I don’t want to be one again.

I recently went on a school trip to the local beach with a bunch of teens. I appreciate teens – their energy, their honesty, their courage.  It’s hard growing up, and I think we live in a society that doesn’t acknowledge just how difficult it is being a teen.  Teens are stupid too! Not the kind of stupid that has anything to do with intelligence, just simply the kind from not having lived long enough to learn lessons.

We were there for a sporting event, and it was a quick trip.  The girls wanted to make the best of it, so when we returned to the hotel at 11:30 p.m., they asked if they could go out onto the dark beach. They came back home and sat in the bathroom of the hotel room talking so I could sleep (not that I got enough sleep)!

I awoke at 8 feeling groggy after not getting to sleep until after 2 a.m.  I decided to take a run on the beach – to make the most of the trip for me!  I felt like crap, but when I walked on to the beach on the east coast of Maryland in February and it was balmy enough for cropped running pants and a light running jacket, I was so glad I got up.  The blue sky and the sun shine reflecting off the water was breathtaking. As I was running it struck me just how stupid the girls were.  Perhaps it was exciting and scary to come to the beach in the dark, but I’ll take beauty and warmth over excitement and scary any day! It made me smile, and I wanted to run up and drag them down there with me, but I was enjoying the solitude and silence. I thought, “Should I go get them? Nah – I’m not that stupid!”




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