aging without botox

Daily Ground- – – February 24

Aging without Botox isn’t always easy.

I am not sure why people have a difficult time with aging.  I attended a lecture by Gloria Steinem when I was in my 20’s and she said that with each passing decade she becomes freer.  It isn’t as important to die your hair or hold your stomach in.  I feel the same way.  I spend a lot less time in front of a mirror, and I appreciate comfort.

I got a surprise this week however. I was with one of my teen daughters and her friend. We were out eating, and my daughter was messing with my phone. I was busy eating, and I realized she was taking selfies but including my profile in her pictures. It was all in good fun and she was using my phone.  We laughed as we scrolled through the many pictures she had snapped.  But then I noticed the . . .I don’t know what to call it. . .the drooping on my jowl.  The indentations.  I mean I was chewing, but still.  I was surprised.

What do I do with this? Nothing. Nothing to do with it.  I share it because it is surprising. As long as I stay away form the mirrors, I like so much that comes with aging. Although this may give me a bit of insight into others who may run to the plastic surgeon in hopes they can outrun aging, I am glad I’m not taking that route. I will sit with this, and most likely forget all about it until the next photo catches the nuance of my aging face. Still, as the saying goes, getting old certainly isn’t for sissies.



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2 thoughts on “Daily Ground- – – February 24

  1. jack, I love your peice! I had to take advantage of today no makeup monday, I can finally say im learning to like myself! its been a long hard road.I look forward to your writings they a lways make me think , thankyou your fav stylist.

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