aging without botox

Daily Ground- – – February 23

I am not a big fan of our consumerist society.  It took me almost 50 years to just say NO to all the pretty colors and fabrics that I can’t afford and do not need. I remember years ago discussing with my peers the costs of plastic surgery, teeth whitening and giant mini-mansions.  Most believed that if they had the money they would get the “work” done or buy the mansion.  I argued that even if I could afford that stuff, I would hope I would make choices to live simply and give the excess money to causes I believed would make the world a better place.

But would I?  I certainly have squandered money on useless things I thought would buy me peace or happiness. My lesson now is to sit with the choices I have made. I watch my daughters manage money in a more discerning way than I have. Hoping that watching me grow, they have been handed the ability to make healthier choices that provide more freedom. Isn’t that what we all really want anyway – enough freedom to sleep well at night?



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