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Daily Ground- – -February 22

Not having any choice is sometimes easier than having to decide.

I recently heard someone share that during an especially painful time in her life, she would stand in the store overwhelmed because she could not make a decision of which body wash to buy.  I certainly have had those moments when even the smallest decision seems like a chore. It still sometimes happens on the rare occasions we go out to eat as a family.  Where to go? It’s as if we are trying to figure out a solution to world peace. Too many choices.

There are bigger issues. When to take someone off of life support, which job offer to take, do I go to the college that offers no debt or my dream school?  Confusion is often the first emotion that arises. If I can picture the confusion as a big red stop sign, I can usually get through. It’s when I let the confusion overwhelm me that I can’t get clarity and I begin spinning.

If I let the confusion turn to fear, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the decision. I begin clawing for perfection, as if a wrong decision could kill me. I get into a mindset that lets me forego the good striving for the perfect, and I am paralyzed. When I simply stop at confusion, create space, and wait, then the decision will come.



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