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Daily Ground – – – February 20

“If you are never scared, embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take chances.” ~Julia Soul

I’m wondering if I take too many chances? I’ve often been scared, embarrassed or hurt!  However, I’ve also learned to be real with people and tell them when I feel these things.   Getting to the fear – the scared emotion is often more difficult.

Most of us – when scared – act out in all kinds of absurd ways.  I remember a tense time in my marriage. We moved back home from 2000 miles away to live in my mother’s small home with our two young children.  My husband hadn’t smoked for 7 years and I discovered he started smoking again.  I remember yelling and screaming and threatening divorce. I was scared. Scared I couldn’t control him which ultimately meant he could leave me. This thought did not come to me in a fight – it took some talking and discerning and praying.

Fear often is the thing that drives us. And if we are lucky enough to uncover this – we can change.  Fear of people figuring out I’m not perfect, fear of not being able to save someone or something, fear of not being seen or heard – all of these things tug at something deep inside and cause me (us) to do something. For me it’s usually something angry.  Which is bad. . . and good.  Since I’m really not an angry person, when I begin to get angry, I can stop and sit and figure out if I am angry. . .or afraid.  I can then act accordingly.. . . on a good day!



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