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Daily Ground – – -February 18

The only way to win the rat race is to be a rat!

I don’t buy into the message of survival of the fittest.  Darwin also talked a lot about cooperation, but we don’t hear much about that.  Worst of all, in the US, survival of the fittest has everything to do with wealth. So if you have 1 million, 2 million is better.  From what I see, wealth also buys you a ton of misery.

I say this as someone who very much lives within this rat race (I don’t have millions!).  I have lots of stuff; too much stuff.  And still, I have that fist like feeling in my gut that tells me I’ll never have as much as you. I’m ready to get out of the rat race.  I figure either way I go, there will be pain.  I can continue in the race – working, working, working, collecting stuff, little time to enjoy those I love. Or I can simplify.  Get rid of stuff. Downsize.  Make choices that feed me spiritually.

There is no easy way out of this race, but bringing these thoughts to awareness, sharing them with spiritual friends and mentors, will certainly change the way I enter into the dialogue, and the stores.



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