aging without botox

Daily Ground- – -February 17

Cast your ‘mind nets’ wide in order to gain perspective.

I was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt in my early life. I was so broken and full of guilt and shame. I had no perspective in my life – I  was completely unable to create distance between my feelings and facts.

I remember a time when I had a rather ugly blemish on my face. It was one of those white heads that was ready to pop and looked angry. I was messing with it in the mirror, and I pulled back a bit from the mirror. Rather than just seeing the zit, my entire face came into focus. Unfortunately, I had no perspective. All I saw was the zit! I had become an ugly, angry zit – afraid to be seen.

This was during my darkest days; it was shortly before I began intentionally practicing a spiritual life. After months or maybe years of practicing mindfulness, I had another blemish on my face.  As I looked in the mirror I was reminded of the time I couldn’t get perspective.  The dark time in my life when my self-centeredness would allow a small blemish to ruin whole days. This day though, as I pulled back from the mirror and more of me came into view, I saw my entire self, with a small pimple on my chin.





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