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Daily Ground – – – February 16

What brings a person to the spiritual life?

I’d say suffering usually brings a person to the spiritual life. That’s what brought me. I was raised in a Catholic family. I always believed in God. There were rituals and devotions and prayers.  This, however, was not a spiritual life. My parents tried to teach me religion, but our household was chaotic and scary.

You can’t teach Spirit. You must practice it. You must live it. I am convinced my family – my parents – did the best they could. I needed more. I went to the desert of Utah in my 20’s. I discovered Spirit.  It was in a Catholic Church, but much different than what I was used to. It ways mystical, quiet, meditative, and accepting.

As the years have passed, I go in and out of different spiritual practices. I don’t leave one because I am angry or resentful. I pass on to other practices because I am called. I’m not afraid. God – Higher Power – Creator – is too big to be kept to just one practice. I feel comfortable in churches and church basements. I expereince God at the beach and the mountains and certainly in the inner cities.

Suffering brought me to seek. Suffering brought me to my knees.  Suffering taught me gratitude. Suffering brought me to the spiritual life. I will not run from suffering. I will see it, and I will accept the lessons in it.



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