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Daily Ground – – -February 8

My anxiety was caused by trying to change the past, and trying to control the future; both impossible tasks.

How many times in my life have I been stuck in that place of anxiety by not being in the moment. Lying in bed before a big event at work, getting more and more anxious because I can’t sleep, and if I can’t sleep I’ll be tired, and if I’m tired how will I perform the tasks of the next day.

Now that I’ve realized that I always live through this, I just try to relax. Even if I can’t sleep, I can at least rest. Invariably, I get up the next day and do what’s in front of me.  You can’t teach this stuff – you just have to do it! You do it and you learn, and then you do it again, and you learn some more.  Anxiety and worry are truly all in my head.  If I stay right here, and do what’s in front of me, all is well.



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