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Daily Ground – – – February 5

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”- -Heraclitus

Don’t kid yourself – change – true change – is difficult. It often means looking at yourself or someone else intimately. It means looking into the eyes and admitting that change is necessary. It is frightening to let go of the familiar. Even change that is good for us can have us clinging and grasping for what is familiar.

In my early 20’s I wanted to be in love. So I would try to fit love into anyone that would stick around. I’d accept being with people that weren’t very nice, simply because it became familiar. I knew somewhere in my soul that change was needed, but it was often too scary, so I would stay. I was conditioned to stay with tall, dark, handsome, and emotionally unavailable. It took great change to stay with someone who loved me, but who was honest about his love, not very tall, and emotionally available.

Today, I accept change. I don’t expect my husband, children or friends to stay the same. We all continue to grow and change. Embrace change. . .see it as adventure.



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