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Daily Ground – – -January 29

The longest journey is from my head to my heart.

I know a lot.  I still get stuck in the knowing instead of the living. I know that I should listen more and talk less. I know that often when I get angry or scared or frustrated, I have a tendency to run from those feelings. I run by talking. Passionately talking. This passionate talking can at times be mistaken for yelling or judging others.

I know that none of this stuff is very important stuff. It is simply something in me that comes up and makes me feel uncomfortable, and for some reason I can’t just sit with it. So recently I’ve been sitting with this in meditation, therefore it is in my awareness.  Now after I do my passionate talking/yelling, the awareness is in my face and it hurts! I walk away saying to myself, “What the heck did you do that for? Aren’t you trying to commit to listen more and talk less? Why can’t you control your actions?”

This is the first step in the incredibly long journey from my head to my heart. Awareness. Knowing does very little to change me. I need to practice.  I can’t think my way into right living. I have to live my way into right thinking.



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3 thoughts on “Daily Ground – – -January 29

  1. Great insight! And living our way into right thinking is so true. Do you know the work of Rick Hanson?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    No – I don’t know Rick Hanson, but I will check him out!

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