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Daily Ground – – -January 27

There’s no place like a death bed, except a birth bed. And in a certain way the death bed is a kind of birth bed. – – John O’Donohue

I recently came across a video where John O’Donohue, writer, poet, spiritual teacher said this.  I said the same thing when I left the death bed of my father. I remember leaving on that April day, walking into the glorious sunshine and wondering how the world was going on as if nothing awesome had just happened. Awesome: causing feelings of fear and wonder: causing feelings of awe, Merriam Webster. Yes – it was awesome.

I was struck that it was a similar feeling when my first child was born.  It was so miraculous as if my world had shifted so, and I truly lost my footing.  Yet the rest of the world was so unaware of any of this.

I’m now more used to death beds. I don’t feel so afraid of death.  I’m amazed how many of my contemporaries – or anyone for that matter – finds it so difficult to talk about death.  We are all going to die. Everyone we know is going to die. It will hurt to grieve. I don’t know yet if it will hurt to die. I do know my mom questioned this on her own death bed, and I couldn’t answer her.

I’ve heard this: “We will all die, but we don’t know the hour of death. So do what is important now!” Basically, I want to live like I know I am dying as opposed to pretending that death is too difficult to face or deal with or talk about.  I want to live because I know I am going to die. Waking up to this fact has been one of the best blessings.  I’ve been privileged to be at the death bed. Go if you can. It is awesome.



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