aging without botox

Daily Ground – – -January 24

Wise beyond her years.

I wonder if this is a complement? From what I’ve seen, wisdom comes from living, and living comes with pain. If someone is “wise beyond his or her years,” this most likely means they’ve earned the wisdom through some painful life lessons.

When I was younger, I moved through some painful things into the light in my mid 20’s. I chose a different way of life after my current chosen path had beaten me pretty badly. This brought with it some wisdom. Because the light of my new path was so delicious and warm, I didn’t fear the darkness in the same way anymore.  I actually welcomed it. I had learned intuitively that if I made it through the pain and lessons that life threw at me, the light would be warm and delicious.

I lived in this cycle for many years.  Eventually I hit some darkness that beat me so badly, I almost wished I could succumb to it as opposed to walking through to the other side.  It took years to get through.  I got a little gun-shy. Where I had previously welcomed darkness thinking it always led to the light, I now accepted it, knowing it was a part of life. A path most of us wind up on even if we try to avoid it. You can’t avoid life, and you can’t avoid death, but these cycles are easier to get through if I don’t struggle. And now – I’m blessed with wisdom.



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