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Daily Ground – – -January 22

The more I write, the more I read.  I’ve recently stumbled upon several readings that could all be titled Letting Go.  I thought it may be nice to list a few things I have let go of rather than focusing on things I still need to let go of. So here is a list of 5 things I’ve let go of through faith and prayer and meditation.

1. I’ve let go of the social constructs of parenting.  It’s definitely not one size fits all.  My children are unique, and if I tried to parent them both the same way, the results would have been devastating.  I certainly didn’t intend to parent them in the same way our parents’ parented us – that was a long time ago in a very different world.

2. I’ve let go of the idea that just because I really love the city, I don’t necessarily need to sell my home (that will be paid off when I’m 65) in order to live closer to the city.  I can just drive there and hang out, and then drive back home.

3. I’ve let go of the idea that just because we can’t afford to put our children through college, it doesn’t mean we “don’t have anything for them!”  I said this out loud recently – “I feel so guilty that my kids have to take their own loans for college; I have nothing for them.” When I heard that, I was reminded that money isn’t everything. We’ve given them love, support, encouragement, and the freedom to be themselves. If we hadn’t given them those things – the money may not have mattered anyway.

4. I’ve let go of the idea that buying a new outfit will make me feel better.  It just doesn’t! Or it may for a moment, but if I don’t have the money, it makes me feel worse.  Even if I have the money, I eventually feel stupid for buying something I really do not need. My mantra lately is: “You have enough – wear what you have!”

5. I’ve let go of the idea that I am somehow responsible for your feelings. You are absolutely responsible for your feelings.   I can’t make you love me or anything else, and I can’t make you hate me or anything else – that is up to you.

Although I’ve let go, I’m still human, and feelings may still arise around some of these things now and again. For the most part however, I’ve changed some thinking and feelings around these things, so even when they arise, I’m able to pause, and with a whole lot of faith, and a little bit of luck. . .I let go . . . again.

Your turn! What is on your list?



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2 thoughts on “Daily Ground – – -January 22

  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I’ve let go of the fear that starting my own business instead of working for a large entity is going to fail. I’m already doing it, baby steps each day. I’ve let go the notion that just because I don’t have a PhD after my name I don’t have the knowledge. 19 years experience and learning should account for something!

  2. I hear you! I really do!

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