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Daily Ground – – -January 15th

At times all the spiritual life offers is kindness.  Isn’t that worth all of the practice?

Have you ever been resentful or angry at someone?  You  get fired up and create ugly scenarios in your head, and maybe even gripe to a trusted friend about how they have wronged you! But, when that person is in front of you – you simply smile, say hello, or offer a hug?

Left to my own devices, I would act out, be rude, ignore, or use sarcasm.  Through practicing mindfulness and loving kindness, I can feel compassion for each person I encounter. It is one danger of the digital society – it is more difficult to have compassion for a computer than a flesh and blood person. Pause before hitting send.

Practicing spiritual principles doesn’t guarantee that I won’t get angry or resentful. It doesn’t guarantee I won’t talk unkindly about someone . . .until they are in front of me.  Then the anger melts away.  When I feel compassion, I can then address concerns and work through problems.  When the person is only in my mind as opposed to right in front of me – they are  just a bunch of mind goo.  When I listen to my heart instead of my mind – things are much more peaceful . That is Sacred, that is God, that is Mystery.



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