aging without botox

Daily Ground – – -January 14th

Have you ever seen someone who can’t bear to be uncomfortable.  I work with adolescents, so I see this up close.  Adolescents can’t even define their frustration, anger, and acting out behaviors as simply being uncomfortable, but that is all it is. Their bodies are betraying them, their hormones make them feel as if they can’t control emotions, and they are often forced to choose a life path before they can possibly know their passions and loves.

Most of us are uncomfortable, but we’ve grown and found coping skills that keep us from acting out like adolescents. It takes some people a long time to find healthy ways of coping with the difficulties of life; some people just don’t suffer well.

One of my hardest lessons has been to realize that I can’t change anyone. At times I believe it is my duty to tell someone “out of love” that they are headed down a bad path, but that doesn’t help. It’s as if controlling the other person will stop the pain of watching someone I love self-destruct. All I can control is taking care of myself.



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