aging without botox

Daily Ground – – -January 8th

“I hope I die quickly. Just shoot me if I get like that,” said the middle aged woman charged with caring for her elderly mother.  I’ve actually heard this again and again and again.  I too cared for my dying mother. It definitely gets complicated.

You see them frail, dependent, aged, and you think how awful it is.  But is it? Is it awful? It’s life – coming full circle.  Can I sit with it. If I always want to be young and beautiful or in 80 degree weather, I am on the wrong planet!

Wanting to age with some dignity, I practice sitting and being uncomfortable now.  I’m not very good at it, but I think the practice helps.  I had to laugh the other day when talking about aging parents with a friend.  I get a hot flash that lasts maybe 45 seconds and I instantly rip off my scarf, and violently push the car window down.  I think I’ll begin just sitting with it; just being uncomfortable knowing it will pass. Just for the practice of aging gracefully.



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