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Daily Grind – – January 7th

I once heard a story about monkey traps in South America. There is a banana in a box and a hole through which the monkey sticks its hand. While holding onto the banana, the monkey cannot get its hand out of the hole.  All the monkey has to do to get away is to simply let go.

How often do we hold onto things even if they are causing us suffering.  Haven’t you ever witnessed anger and resentment or felt it yourself and thought how much energy it takes and how ugly it can look and feel.

What are people angry and resentful about? Mostly someone else’s actions. Half the time I can’t control my own feelings and emotions, and yet I still think I should be in control of others. When people don’t act right, I get caught up in ruminating over what they have done. Anger is just me grabbing the banana and waiting for the hunter to come and get me. Anger causes emotional pain and exhaustion, and if it really festers, I can get physically ill and emotionally hung-over.

What’s done is done. Anger won’t change anything, but letting go will.


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