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Daily Ground- – -January 6th

Be gentle.  When you make a mistake forgive yourself. When others make mistakes forgive them. No one is defined by any one action, opinion, or feeling. I am not simply defined by my anger or annoyance at someone; nor am I defined by compassion or service.  I am all of these things.

In the age of social media this can prove difficult.  I truly love and admire most people when they are standing in front of me, but when I am faced with their social media opinions, I can be hateful when  my internal buttons are pushed on a subject with which I disagree.  When I feel the emotions rising, I think about how I would act if they were standing in front of me.  I bring to mind a wonderful thing they have done. I remember that like me, they are human.  I try not to judge myself or another on any one action, belief, or feeling. In fact, if I did this, I would be alone often. We are all “both/and.”



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