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Daily Ground – – – January 5th

Life is both storm and calm, and the challenge of living is how to use the calm to endure the storm, not bypass it.” – – -Mark Nepo, from Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

The mom of a teen recently said to me, “Sometimes she is happy just because she is alive, and the next minute she is miserable just because. . .” I finished her sentence, “just because she is alive.”  Being alive takes us through our full range of emotions.  Once we have practiced being present to this full range or once we have been through enough darkness and come back into the light, we no longer have to fear these feelings.

Some people stumble through life giving the glory to other human beings for their happiness or blaming some poor schmuck for their problems.  Every life has calm and storm, maybe like the teen above, we don’t need an excuse to be happy or miserable, it is simply our human condition.

Can you simply be with your feelings today? Whether they are good or bad – can you simply observe and accept without judgement? Observing and accepting isn’t passive – it’s just stating the obvious because what you are observing is already happening – why not accept it and move on.



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