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Daily Ground – – -January 3rd

Happiness is over-rated; try going for contentment.

I’ve realized over the years that happiness is fleeting, and most folks never truly attain it.  One sure danger sign to not achieving happiness is: “I’ll be happy when______________.”  You know what the blank holds: I have the right job, I have the right mate, I finish school, I get out of my current living situation, everyone acts like I think they should.

That last one would certainly bring me “happiness,” but I also know it is completely unattainable!  I have a wise, spiritual friend I call when my emotions begin leading me around and making me act and react in unhealthy ways.  She listens to me vent, and then usually says something like, “So, folks aren’t acting like you think they should.”  This can elicit several responses from me – at times when I am feeling very uncomfortable, I usually have a little tantrum.  Most times I just smile, and realize she is correct. This is exactly what is happening – whether it is my boss, my partner, my colleague, my client, my friend, my child – most folks rarely act the way I wish they would. Often this brings the realization that I’m truly not in control.

My journey and teachers encourage me to be content with being uncomfortable and not in control. I’m encouraged to let others act as they must – knowing everyone does the best they can with what they have.  If I can keep this in mind, contentment comes, and I feel peace.



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